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Why Whispy is worth checking out

We know, there's a lot of new social medias emerging, and you might think Whispy is just another one that's destined to fail.

We also know that there might not be a lot of people using it at the beginning, so you're probably wondering why even switch if nobody you know uses it:
Whispy will have tools to move your follows from Twitter/X as they join automatically, there will be crossposting, and you will be able to mix Whispy and X timelines into one home page, so you won't suddenly be lonely while people are still hesistant to move.

This means switching from Twitter/X will be as smooth as possible, you won't lose your friends and people you follow, while at the same time you make Whispy more populated and tempting to join. Also in case Twitter/X completely dies out, your posts will still be here untouched!

(You can scroll the table below horizontally)

Easy to use
Ease of migration
Import follows from X,
Mix Whispy and X timelines
Ease of registration
Soon will be paid

Need to find instance

Instagram account required
Direct messages
Hide reposts from user in home timeline
Hide reposts in user timeline
Profile customization
Custom link colors,
Profile CSS
Good search
Depends on instance
Private accounts
Depends on instance
Secret posts ("Twitter Circle")
Not anymore
Short posts
Not anymore

Depends on instance

(possible fediverse support)

(only 1 instance)
Not owned by billionaire
Open source

We are working very hard on Whispy, but it's still in development, so the feature set may change over time.

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